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11th Edition



5-7 September, 2022
155 Bishopsgate, London
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CDAO UK's Finance Focus Day will give you exclusive access to the most senior gathering of Europe’s Financial Services data leaders to help you pivot from building the foundations of data to scaling your strategy for business value

Ensure that quality, governance, architecture and security are in place to operationalise models successfully and leverage the value of your data to generate analytical insights. 

ESG is at the heart of this event, exploring the relationship between data in the financial services and people, planet, energy & governance to understand the impact of cross boarder interactions between global organisations.  

Monday 6th September

Finance Focus Day Agenda

Chair's Opening Remarks
Keynote Presentation: Managing Data as an Indispensable Corporate Strategic Function
  • Continuous digitalization, digital twins and increasing data business 
  • Growing corporate need to manage data and its flows internally but also externally. 
  • Consideration of privacy, security and access not only being a “legal thing” 
  • Positioning the company with regards to an ethical viewpoint 
  • Understanding your data to align it in a legal, ethical and sustainable way 

Norman Stuertz, Managing Director, Credit-Suisse 

Keynote Presentation From Finance to Every Function: Exploring Data-Driven Transformation
Panel Discussion: From Pilot Schemes to Production; Developing Capabilities to Streamline AI Deployment
  • Simplify AI scalability by streamlining the processes between modelling and deploying to production 
  • How to consistently monitor ML efficiency by automating production model lifecycle management processes 
  • Overcoming cultural challenges around implementing AI solutions in a financial services organisation  
  • How to develop production model governance with the right tools and comfortably navigate regulation, compliance and risk 

Natalia Lyarskaya, Chief Data Officer, ZestMoney 

Javier Campos Zabala, Head of Data Labs, Experian 

Dennis Nilsson, Director, Head of Business Intelligence & Analytics, Jyske Bank 

Networking Break
Keynote Presentation: Get it Right the First Time – Strategising an Approach for your AI Journey
  • Guarantee ROI in AI initiatives by choosing solutions and use-cases appropriate to your organisation’s maturity 
  • Learn to demonstrate quick wins that will gain the confidence of your executive for further investment 
  • Fortify your team for the long term approach of full company AI optimisation 

Lee Fulmer, Group Head of Innovation Labs & Chief Data Officer, UBS 


Discussion Group 1 

Discussion Group 2  

Developing Robust Foundations for Responsible Data Ownership 

  • What can you do to incentivise data usage in the face of increased privacy, security and accessibility requirements? 
  • How to identify and prioritise what data to bring under governance when dealing with vast amounts of data 
  • How do you navigate the challenges of increasing regulations and ethical data disposition? 
  • Understanding your data to align it in a legal, ethical and sustainable way 

Chris Butler, Chief Data Officer, HSBC UK 

Deploying NLP with a Business Value Approach 

  • How to extract maximum value from unstructured data sets by investing in NLP 
  • Be resource efficient by utilising a reusable approach to developing NLP models 
  • Ensure sophisticated data privacy requirements are met when deploying high accuracy NLP models 
  • Maintain clear AI governance policies to generate NLP models that are explainable 

Zachery Anderson, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, NatWest Group 


Networking Lunch

Invite-Only Lunch
Keynote Presentation: Broadening Your Data Strategy to Demonstrate Organisational Commitment Towards Environment, Sustainability & Governance
  • Using a repeatable process to accurately measure your ESG effectiveness  
  • Harnessing data to master cross-border interactions for global companies 
  • How to minimise risk when sourcing ESG data 
  • Integrating changing ESG goals into your existing data architecture 

Hany Choueiri, Chief Data Officer, Vice-Chair and Sustainability Board Member – GLEIF, Aldermore Bank 

Keynote Presentation: How Active Data Governance Unlocks Valuable Insights and Creates Efficiencies
Networking Break
Discussion Group 3: Leveraging Data Transformation to Identify Opportunities for Value Creation
  • Why is it important to build a hierarchy for your data assets? 
  • Developing an organisations dynamic towards a pro-data attitude 
  • What are the different sets of maturity you are going to have to deal with across a global institution? 
  • How do you successfully integrate large amounts of behavioural and transactional data? 
  • What are the key components in skilling everyday employees to use data in an agile way that remove bottlenecks? 

Kautilya Jain, Chief Data Scientist, Signal Partners Capital 

Christina Schack, Head of Data Operations & Strategy, Vontobel *NEW* 

Mark Woodward, Associate Director of Data Strategy, CIMA *NEW*  

Chair's Closing Remarks
Finance Focus Day Networking Drinks


Executive Discussion Groups

Executive Discussion GroupsUnder chatham house rules, the series of 8 intimate and interactive discussion groups allow you to dive deep into the data strategies of other Fortune 1000 companies. Validate your data and analytics strategies, and learn about cutting-edge technologies that produce positive and tangible business outcomes.

Advanced Networking

Meet leading Chief Data & Analytics Officers and broaden your professional networking, establishing lasting relationships which stretch beyond the confines of the conference, through our open networking and social activities. Exchange and share ideas with your peers in a non-competitive environment.


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Head of Data & Analytics HSBC
I  absolutely enjoyed the experience and atmosphere of the event. It was extremely well organized and I could enjoy exciting, challenging conversations around the world of data, analytics, impact or new technologies and how we have evolved....It was my first face-to-face industry event after a long time of remote working and I must say it was a great, smooth transition.
Morgan Stanley
Head of Macro Data Strategy Morgan Stanley
"An excellent, inclusive discussion covering a wide range of relevant topics, with some of the industry's most advanced practitioners."
Wells Fargo
SVP, Treasury Management Sales Consultant Wells Fargo
"Great insights that I can apply to my position going forward. I highly recommend joining an upcoming event!"
JP Morgan Chase
VP, Strategy & Business Services, Global Technology Infrastructure J.P. Morgan Chase
"Great to hear everyone is dealing with similar issues. I gained several ideas that I will be exploring."
Credit Suisse
Group Chief Data Officer Credit Suisse
"A great event with strong panelists, superb support, and really meaningful content."