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Event Videos

Below you will find some of our video interviews conducted onsite at CDAO UK on 6-7 February 2024 in London, by one of our media partners EM360Tech.

'Data Leaders Must be Ready for Generative AI' - Mario Rodríguez Ibáñez

In this interview, Mario Rodríguez Ibáñez, Solutions Architect at Ploty, discussed how companies can make full use of generative AI in the enterprise. Watch to find out more.


'AI is Moving Faster than the Purchasing Cycle of the Data Industry' - Fred Lherault

In this interview, Fred Lherault, Field CTO (EMEA/Emerging Markets) for Pure Storage, talked about the rapid rise of AI and its impact on the world of data. Watch to find out more.



'AI Regulation is Coming!' - Marko Stojsavljevic

In this interview, Marko Stojsavljevic, UKNO Strategic Advisor - Business Transformation for Dataiku, spoke about the rise of AI and the impact of regulation on the technology’s development. Watch to find out more.




'All Large Companies are Moving into the Data Analytics World' - Joerg Tewes

In this interview, Joerg Tewes, Chief Executive Officer at Exasol, discussed the impact of Data analytics and AI on large enterprises. Watch to find out more.